Monday, February 20, 2012

More and more Decades!

3 New Floors have been added to Decades and More is on its way! Honestly I am thrilled! Decades is my favorite clothing store and its about time they added some new things. Although most of the things are very risky, meaning there not really like the other very conservative Decades Items, they're more colorful and short and fun! Absolutely love it!

New Museum Mile

Ugh. Doesn't look that good. Very boring set of the New Museum Mile. Nothing is even Limited Edition. (Meaning there isnt a limited amount and that the signs get crossed out.) The last Museum Mile was limited edition, which meant is was worth buying because it was "Rare" but now they have mini versions of all the same things they had last time. Now its just an overpriced store filled with fairly useless items.
What do u guys think!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stardolls Got Talent Contest!

Check out this Awesome blog , It is hosting its first ever Stardolls Got Talent Contest! Where anyone with a stardoll talent can enter and win prizes! More Details on the blogs pages!

Your's truly will be one of the Judges, so check it out please :D

New Tingeling!

Two new floor's of Tingeling has been added! Considering how expensive most of the other clothes on stardoll are, the two extra floor's are pretty good. A accessories are in starcoins, but the larger items are (e.i the dresses, the shirts) are in stardollars, but not to overprizes.
Although they aren't very expensive then are not very interesting. Very simple and colorful looks. BUT gotta love the hats!