Making cool presentations for stardoll are very hard to do.. but once you get used to it.. its very easy! 

Please give credit where credit is given by putting this at the very bottom of your presentation!....

Step One: 
Open your internet, and Type in to google "Real-Time HTML editor" It should be the first one.. you will come across a page like this.. delete everything that is in the blue box.

Step Two:
So it kind depends on what you want... I suggest going to this website..  it explains everything perfectly.. better then I could ever do! Anyway! Go to this website and go to the "codes" tab.

Step Three: 
Copy and Paste the Background code.. which is this: <p style="font-size: 40px; text-align: center; background-color: #000000color: #F6358A">Black Background</p> 
So Paste this in the blue part of the website.. when you do this comes up! 

Where their is the pink words in the code above... that is where u change them. 
Where it says 40px.. that is the font size so you just put in a new number like 60px... or whatever you want it to be. 
Where it says Center you can change that to either Left, Center, Right, or Justify
Where is says #000000 that is the background color, you can change that to any color all you need is the HTML color codes.. so open a new tab on the internet and look up HTML Color Codes, any website will do. Pick your choice of color and get the code.. they look something like this :#FE2E64 (Pink), #0101DF (Blue), #58FA58 (Green), #F4FA58 (Yellow).
Where it says #F6358A that is the text color, you can change that just as you did previously.  
Where it says Black Background on the code, that is where you put your text, just deleted it and write what ever you want in its place.

Step four: 
Maybe now you want to change the font of what your doing... so heres what you do, you go back to and go back to the codes. Here is the code you are looking for: <p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 30px; font-family: Century Gothic">Your Text Here</p> But you dont want all of it.. only this part. "; font-family: Century Gothic" and you add it to your first code so it looks like this now :

<p style="font-size: 40px; text-align: center; background-color: #000000; font-family: Century Gothic; color: #F6358A">Your Text Here</p> 

CATION: Be sure to put this ";" and the very end of Century Gothic.

Next put the name of the font you want to use in replace of Century Gothic... be sure you are getting the exact name.

NOTE: Not all font works, but a lot of them do! You just have to experiment! 

You can make it as complicated as you want. Just be sure to put the codes in if you want to add something different! 

Also this website: gives codes for other things such as Borders, Text Shadows, Scroll Boxes, Middle Borders, Flashing Text, Multi-Shadows, Etc.. Its really a great website! You can watch videos on how to do them.

Please give credit where credit is given by putting this at the very bottom of your presentation!....

Step five: 
Next you just have to have stardoll open in another internet window. Highlight everything you did on the Real-time HTML editor, and drag on to your Stardoll presentation! 

Hope this was helpful :D