Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A new store interior store has opened in the Starplaza. Here are the two floors...

Looks expensive. But strangely I absolutely love it! I personally love the Statue of the naked lady. Very classy Stardoll! I also love the Egyptian theme. Defiantly getting it.
How about you guys?

Audrey oxox.

Miss Stardoll World Begins!

And the Miss Stardoll World Contest begins! Check out the Miss Stardoll World page on the Spotlight tab, Stardoll gives you a couple tips about how you can win. And if you click "Promote Yourself!" and scroll down you can even get some free gifts!

and if you want to vote for someone click the button below when you enter someones suite! Cool right!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Zombie Time On Stardoll!

I got this message today.. It seems stardoll wants you to spend more at the StarBazaar, in return for the money you spend you get some sd back. But you have to spend 500sd to get half of it back! Rip off! Well I have to say I guess it could be worse, so if you want to buy anything I guess now is the time to spend your money, and gain some money in the process. I hope the Zombie Theme will be at least cute :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tehnical Problem Solved!

Haha! Right after I posted the tehnical problem, It was all fixed! Broadcasted started working and I could accept my friend request! Yay Stardoll for getting it stuff together!

Stardolls Technical Problems!

Stardoll is having so MAJOR technical Problems, Not just now but recently their have been several problems. For staters, as some of you may know the Broadcast is down. I'm not sure if everyone is suffering from this.. if you are please tell me in the comments! But here, take a look at the broadcast page...

Its empty.. I'm not sure if you can still broadcast but nothing is showing up... also check out here where the broadcast show up on every page...

It's also completely empty. Not that I care about broadcasting, but Miss Stardoll World is coming up, and everybody's plan was to use broadcasting. And now the broadcasting is on the fritz, just 5 days away from when voting starts!

Another technical problem.. Maybe its just me who has it but for some reason I am unable to accept any new friends! Very odd. I contacted stardoll right away! I hope this is a quick fix!

Anymore Technical Problems you have seen on stardoll! Leave a comment telling me about it!

Audrey oxox

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Cheap Disney Store.

There is a New Store in the Starplaza Called D-Signed. With the infamous Disney D attached to it!Disney is really sucking there teeth in on Stardoll. Reminds we of that little rumor that Disney was going to purchase Stardoll and make is DisneyDoll.
Anyway. The store is surprising very cute, and takes after the new line of Disney close available at Target.
The good news is a majority of it is only in starcoins! The bad news is the things that arent in starcoins are at least 9sd, the most expensive is 13sd. Which isn't that much.

What do you guys think about it?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miss Stardoll World!

Stardoll sent a message last night about the up coming Miss Stardoll World... Now that I know it is just around the corner I'm getting even more excited about it and the more I want to be part of it!
But knowing that you have to get voted in.. instead of Stardoll choosing you. Now I feel thats its going to be almost impossible to win! Everybody is going to want the most votes. The broadcasting will be blocked out, the amount of messages asking to vote them MissStardoll World will be unbearable!!
Are any of you guys going to run?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Featured on The Play and Earn list!

I know its random But I just thought it was cool :)! I always wondered how you were choosen to get on the list. But now I know its just random!

Speaking of Play and Earn, If your a superstar today is the day to exchange your starcoins for stardollars. I completely forgot until a friend of mine reminded me! But I barely had any starcoins to transfer! I'll be sure to remember next time XD.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stardoll Celebrates Ramadan

Stardoll Celebrates the Islamic Month Of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of Fasting, Fasting is when you don't eat or drink during daylight. According to the internet it is suppose to teach those who practice it patience, humility, and spirituality. Ramadan takes place on the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar and last 30 days.
So to celebrate this very spiritual month, stardoll is giving us members a daily surprise! Everyday you have the chance to purchase a new item. NOTE not all of the items are free but are for cheap prices. Although some are free.

Heres how you get to the Ramadan Calander:

(This is on the spotlight tab)

Check back to this everyday and click on the next numbers square to see and purchase the Daily Gifts :)


As a side note I just wanted to tell my readers that I am going up to Maine tomorrow, which I am very excited about, for a two week vacation. I might not be on as much but you can still contact me via starmail or guestbook.

I was also thinking of making a special email that people can send me their Ask Audrey Questions to. But quiet frankly i think it would be soo much easier to just do it all on stardoll. What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments :D

Stardoll Prepaid Card

Apparently there are more places then before to purchase Stardoll Superstar Cards anymore! You can now purchase them at Needs, Target, Safeway, ToysRus, Kmart, Stripes, Tom thumb, Vons, Best Buy, Hess, Ralphs, Cumberlands Farm and many more.

Although I appreciate more chances to get Superstar Cards, Its is still hard for some of us. Where I live the closes place to get a Superstar Card is in the neighboring town, about 5 miles away from my house. and WAY to far for me to travel.

In my opinion Stardoll should get them available at CVS, Walmart, Stop & Shop, and A&P Fresh. If they where I'd be getting them every week! Honestly having them at these stores are soo much better, where I live their are 3 CVS, 1 Stop&Shop, 1 Walmart, And 1 A&P Fresh.
Plus in most places their is a CVS on every corner!
It would be GREAT marketing for Stardoll. SO PLEASE JUST DO IT :) So that I can pay for it myself and stop asking my parents!

What do you guys think? Where you live are there any of these stores?