Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LilFruityTooty writes..

Dear Misspairs,
Do you think it is a good idea to buy superstar whenever you run out?

Dear Lilfruitytooty,
In short yes I do. Mostly because their is not much to do when you are not a superstar. What I like to do is wait a couple days, and then refresh my superstar. I recommend trying to get the 6 month superstar, its not as expensive as the 1 year one. And if you are used to getting the one month one tell your parents that the 6 month one will be better because, you wont ask for 6 month and its cheaper then paying $6 a month.
Also before buying superstar, consider a few things.
1) Is it worth it?
2)Will I continue playing stardoll when my ss ruins out?Or while Im in the middle of my SS membership.

Hope that was helpful!

Audrey :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glam-Kid Writes...

Dear Misspairs,
How do you put in a picture for clubs? Like i know how to do it it's just after I save it it doesn't have a picture there. Can you help me

Dear Glam-Kid,
Sorry it took so long to reply back, I'v just been very busy lately. So.. if you want a picture for a club you first have to get the picture approved by stardoll. When choosing your image it brings you to a page like this..

Now pay attention to the right side where it says "Rules For Images". You have to follow those rules, and make sure each picture is the height and weight that it says and then click save changes. NOW.. I believe that your problem is that after you have done all those things, it still doesn't show up. As you can see from the picture above, I have a similar problem. I have a picture for everything.. but for some reason I can't see it. It might be because the picture is not right, or simply I can't see it..but other people can. It also might be a stardoll glitch. If it makes you feel any better.. i'll contact stardoll for you, and ask them myself why that is happening, and tell you personally what stardoll says.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

ChicKittyLover wrote...

I wanna ask a question for the Ask Audrey Blog! How did you and Eden meet? Where you best friends forever in real life? Why did you both decide to share such a splendid account?

Dear ChicKittyLover,
Thank you for your compliments, your to kind :D!
Well me and Eden's mom's where actually friends, before we even met. Eden lives in Canada and I live in Connecticut. I'm not entirely sure how our mom's know each other, but i guess thats a story for another day! Well we met each other a couple time when we where like babies.. but never ever really friends. Well one christmas party about 2 years ago, Eden was over at my house.. because we didn't really know each other we kind of stayed away. Anyway! Eden got bored and I told her she could go up to my room and go on my laptop. Well she did, and when I came upstair I found her on Stardoll. I remember she was a little embarrassed that she had been caught playing Stardoll, until of course I told her I had one as well! Anyway during the entire party we talked about stardoll, I showed her my account and she showed me my account.
Fast forward to about 5 months ago, we had been friends on stardoll and talk often on the phone, and on skype.. you know. Misspairs was my account, but it was just kind of a lame account... not that many rares or anything. I had perviously shared an account with another friend of mine who had really destroyed the account, she sold a lot of the rare that I did own, but she left with a good suite and a lot of starpoints.
Eden account was a fairly new account (compared to Misspairs), not a lot of starpoints, and a decent suite, but she had a lot of good rares, and a lot of connections!
In short, Eden who had perviously never given her password to me.. and I had never given her my password on stardoll. Gave me it, to do a makeover. I was quite shocked that she trusted me with that information so I asked her if she wanted to share accounts, and well the rest is history XD

Glam-Kid writes...

Um Hi!
I'm Following your blogs but i don't know how to put a picture in my profile! Can you help me?

Dear Glam-Kid,
Thank you for following both our blogs, we really appreciate it :D. If you want a picture for your profile just log on to Blogger and go to your dashboard, it looks something like this...

See Where it says Edit Photo! Just click that and blogger will direct you the rest of the way :D
Glad I could help!

Sister Blog:Simply Eden

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ask Audrey

This is a letter from Hennabanana12, she writes...

Hey Audrey :)

So I was reading through "Ask Audrey" and I decided to use your tutorial on making presentations for my newest club called "Vintage Doll Inc.". It worked great but I don't know how to get the whole background one colour, and then add on the scroll boxes? (Look on the club homepage and you'll see my problem). Is there any wa
y you could help me on this one?

Dear Hennabanana12,

Thanks you so much for writing to me, I'm glad you found that using my tutorial for presentations was relatively easy! To answer your question.. this is what you have to do! First you have to put this code in to the HTML real time editor

(Sorry the text is so small, blogger doesn't allow me to show the code)

This code will set your entire background, Where it says #eeeeee, that is where you put your own color code in, like the way I showed you on the presentation tutorial.
Next you put the scroll box's, use the website I gave you. Copy and Past the code for scroll box's after Background-color:#eeeeee;">
You can put as many scroll boxes as you want you just have to keep entering the code in the real-time HTML. Then go back and put the words you want in.

Remember to give credit by putting (c) at the very end of your presentation.

If you have any follow up questions or any questions regarding this, Contact me on Starmail!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Presentation tutorial, the hacker/scammer and safe traders/buyers list, and starpoints Tab are up now!

I hope you guys like them :)

Coming soon, Trade and Sale tutorial!

Audrey :D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ask Audrey

Want to ask me an Individual question, that will be featured on the blog! All you have to do is either send me a message via starmail, Or write me in my guestbook! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

What I have planned for this blog!

So I have some good ideas! Here are some

  • Ask Audrey (Individual Questions)
  • A Trade and Sale Tutorial
  • Money Money Money! (Tips on How to Mange/Gain your Money)
  • Presentations! (How To Make Presentations)
  • Starpoints
  • Hacker/Scammer List
  • Safe Trader and Buy List
  • Free Advertisements!
Anymore good ideas?

Ask Audrey

So as some of you may know.. on the 28th of June I was hacked. I had most of my rare's taken from me, everything I worked for was gone. Know you might be think, "oh how sad,It must have been horrible,"And it was horrible. But I will not let this 'hacking' ruin my fun.

After I was hacked I began to think about a lot of stuff. Isn't it Stardolls responsibility to warn its players about things like these? I even thought about when I was a newbi myself. I remember how hard it was, not knowing where anything was. When your new, your completely lost. And stardoll has no "Tutorial" to help newbies find their way around Stardoll. They just dump you on website and expect you to know what your doing, with out even telling you where to start.

I'v been a member of Stardoll for 4 years, I'm a 16 year old girl. For some reason, people have clung to me for answers, for help, and just plan talking about problems. I may not understand every problem, but i like to think I help. I'v always enjoyed giving advise to people, and help the best way I can. So I created this blog.

This blog is an "How to" for Stardoll. Being on stardoll for 4 years, I like to think i know my way around. But this blog is more then that. Its an Advise Column. If you need help with something Stardoll related or even life related. I'm your girl.

I might not reach the people I want to reach but, no harm in trying, right?