Wednesday, December 12, 2012

James_812 question

James question is about owning Clubs:

Dear Audrey,
I have owned a club for a couple months now but I have less then 40 people in the club. None of the members are active, when ever I try to get them interested nobody ever responses. Also I feel like my club is about something "grown-up", when I try to talk to people about issues they don't know what I am talking about, probably because most of them are to young to understand. Anyway my question is. How can I get people to join my club. How can I get people to be actually interested in my club? And How can I get the target audience that I want?
From, James

Hi James,
Thank you for your question!
Clubs are very hard to mange, especially good clubs. And it defiantly takes time for good clubs to form. Its defiantly no fun when you're members aren't participating, but it takes two to tango.. If you want a successful club, YOU, as the owner have to be responsible for making your club a club people WANT to join and WANT to participate in. That means starting debates, making contest, making games and being provokative! I would say if you want people to join the club, you first have to make the people in the club participate first. That in itself will spread the club, by word of mouth. Broadcasting is another way to get people involved.. although that cost money. So if your cheap.. like so many of us.. just go around stardoll and post on peoples guestbooks. It helps if you find people that are new, new people don't know what there doing and will probably join ANY club to get to know people. And if you are doing that, I suggest befriending them if they join. Then you can get them interested in what your club is about, and then they can spread the club as well. Make a time investment on those people because they will be the ones that help your club grow.
 That also helps find your target audience, because you can be making target audiences yourself. Also if you do find anyone that you consider your "target audience" then use them. If they are interested, befriend them maybe make them manger.. If people are mangers they feel they have a duty to the club to help.
To get people interested in your club, maybe make a contest! I feel thats always the easiest way to get people to join. The better the prize the more people will flock to it. So maybe start thinking of what would make a good contest and prize.

Hope that was helpful! If you have any further questions about this topic please ask!
Good Luck James!

New Floor on Wild Candy

More Wild Candy was released today, and the theme is holiday! Personally I love wild candy because its extremely cheap. Its good for non superstars because its all in starcoins! But I think this new christmas, holiday theme is very cheesy, and cheap looking. What happen to the very simple christmas style that was just classy? and also completely wearable for non christmas things. Now all we got are snow, snowflakes and red. Just very tacky...
On that note Wild Candy pervious floors were worse! So at least there making a store designed for non-superstars and at least putting up so pretty dresses for the holiday!

New Christmas style Glam'rus jewelry

The new jewelry from Glam'rus, has a holiday feel for it. Its been a while since stardoll introduced a new line from Glam'rus, and the timing is perfect. Christmas is the perfect time of year to brake out the gowns, you haven't had a reason to wear! Most of the styles are diamonds, which you can't go wrong with. Maybe they're a bit to flashy for my taste, and a little over priced too.