Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Style by room

A new feature of stardoll has arrived! Its on the left side of your suite were u are able to choose an outfit based on the room you are in. Its pretty cool, but i dont plan on using it. Make one outfit a day is hard enough.. know i have to worry about making an outfit for all the different rooms! Its Just to much to handle. Also its impossible to find any of the clothes you want!
Opinions anyone?

Monday, September 26, 2011

25% PPQ sale, and Hot Buys bag

25% sale in PPQ, doesn't really matter because they are still really expensive...

Also the New Hot buys bag has came out. Emerald tote as its called. Pretty, simple, chic and an ugly green. Maybe its just me but I am just not a green person! Thoughts anyone?

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Floor Of Other World

The new floor of Other World has came out. Pretty cool really, i love the head bands. And of course the big orange skirt. I also love the fountain, it has a sorta egyptian theme which I love! Pretty nice. But also kind of expensive. Pretty nice.
What do you guys think!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stardolls Miss World Being Announced

Stardolls Miss World Semi-Finalist are being announced tomorrow!!! Exciting right?! I wonder who is going to be in it?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Doree Collection and Hot Buys Dress

New Miss Stardoll World themed Doree Collection has came out today. I am not a big fan of the every popular hair dye. But I do like the one of the shades of brown.
What do you Guys Think? plan on buying any?

In Other news! The New Decades HotBuys 60s Swill dress is for sale! Adorable right! But for a staggering 23sd!

I'v already bought it! Anyone else hoping or planing on buying?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gift-o-Meter Is back!

The Gift-O-Meter is back! I don't usually like the Gift-O-Meter because its just an annoying way stardoll encourages you to spend stardollars in exchange for ugly clothes! but this time at least the clothes are cuter! And they give a chance for all the Non-superstars to participate by giving us an equally pretty starcoin reward! Pretty Nice!
Stardoll is getting better at giving us actually decently pretty gifts!

Friday, September 9, 2011

NCG today!

Yaya! Today MissPairs won NCG :D! I wasnt not expecting that I was trying to run for MSW but instead I got NCG! Thanks anyway! I'v never won it! I am so glad! Thank you for all your votes and support!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A new store interior store has opened in the Starplaza. Here are the two floors...

Looks expensive. But strangely I absolutely love it! I personally love the Statue of the naked lady. Very classy Stardoll! I also love the Egyptian theme. Defiantly getting it.
How about you guys?

Audrey oxox.

Miss Stardoll World Begins!

And the Miss Stardoll World Contest begins! Check out the Miss Stardoll World page on the Spotlight tab, Stardoll gives you a couple tips about how you can win. And if you click "Promote Yourself!" and scroll down you can even get some free gifts!

and if you want to vote for someone click the button below when you enter someones suite! Cool right!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Zombie Time On Stardoll!

I got this message today.. It seems stardoll wants you to spend more at the StarBazaar, in return for the money you spend you get some sd back. But you have to spend 500sd to get half of it back! Rip off! Well I have to say I guess it could be worse, so if you want to buy anything I guess now is the time to spend your money, and gain some money in the process. I hope the Zombie Theme will be at least cute :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tehnical Problem Solved!

Haha! Right after I posted the tehnical problem, It was all fixed! Broadcasted started working and I could accept my friend request! Yay Stardoll for getting it stuff together!

Stardolls Technical Problems!

Stardoll is having so MAJOR technical Problems, Not just now but recently their have been several problems. For staters, as some of you may know the Broadcast is down. I'm not sure if everyone is suffering from this.. if you are please tell me in the comments! But here, take a look at the broadcast page...

Its empty.. I'm not sure if you can still broadcast but nothing is showing up... also check out here where the broadcast show up on every page...

It's also completely empty. Not that I care about broadcasting, but Miss Stardoll World is coming up, and everybody's plan was to use broadcasting. And now the broadcasting is on the fritz, just 5 days away from when voting starts!

Another technical problem.. Maybe its just me who has it but for some reason I am unable to accept any new friends! Very odd. I contacted stardoll right away! I hope this is a quick fix!

Anymore Technical Problems you have seen on stardoll! Leave a comment telling me about it!

Audrey oxox

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Cheap Disney Store.

There is a New Store in the Starplaza Called D-Signed. With the infamous Disney D attached to it!Disney is really sucking there teeth in on Stardoll. Reminds we of that little rumor that Disney was going to purchase Stardoll and make is DisneyDoll.
Anyway. The store is surprising very cute, and takes after the new line of Disney close available at Target.
The good news is a majority of it is only in starcoins! The bad news is the things that arent in starcoins are at least 9sd, the most expensive is 13sd. Which isn't that much.

What do you guys think about it?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miss Stardoll World!

Stardoll sent a message last night about the up coming Miss Stardoll World... Now that I know it is just around the corner I'm getting even more excited about it and the more I want to be part of it!
But knowing that you have to get voted in.. instead of Stardoll choosing you. Now I feel thats its going to be almost impossible to win! Everybody is going to want the most votes. The broadcasting will be blocked out, the amount of messages asking to vote them MissStardoll World will be unbearable!!
Are any of you guys going to run?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Featured on The Play and Earn list!

I know its random But I just thought it was cool :)! I always wondered how you were choosen to get on the list. But now I know its just random!

Speaking of Play and Earn, If your a superstar today is the day to exchange your starcoins for stardollars. I completely forgot until a friend of mine reminded me! But I barely had any starcoins to transfer! I'll be sure to remember next time XD.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stardoll Celebrates Ramadan

Stardoll Celebrates the Islamic Month Of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of Fasting, Fasting is when you don't eat or drink during daylight. According to the internet it is suppose to teach those who practice it patience, humility, and spirituality. Ramadan takes place on the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar and last 30 days.
So to celebrate this very spiritual month, stardoll is giving us members a daily surprise! Everyday you have the chance to purchase a new item. NOTE not all of the items are free but are for cheap prices. Although some are free.

Heres how you get to the Ramadan Calander:

(This is on the spotlight tab)

Check back to this everyday and click on the next numbers square to see and purchase the Daily Gifts :)


As a side note I just wanted to tell my readers that I am going up to Maine tomorrow, which I am very excited about, for a two week vacation. I might not be on as much but you can still contact me via starmail or guestbook.

I was also thinking of making a special email that people can send me their Ask Audrey Questions to. But quiet frankly i think it would be soo much easier to just do it all on stardoll. What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments :D

Stardoll Prepaid Card

Apparently there are more places then before to purchase Stardoll Superstar Cards anymore! You can now purchase them at Needs, Target, Safeway, ToysRus, Kmart, Stripes, Tom thumb, Vons, Best Buy, Hess, Ralphs, Cumberlands Farm and many more.

Although I appreciate more chances to get Superstar Cards, Its is still hard for some of us. Where I live the closes place to get a Superstar Card is in the neighboring town, about 5 miles away from my house. and WAY to far for me to travel.

In my opinion Stardoll should get them available at CVS, Walmart, Stop & Shop, and A&P Fresh. If they where I'd be getting them every week! Honestly having them at these stores are soo much better, where I live their are 3 CVS, 1 Stop&Shop, 1 Walmart, And 1 A&P Fresh.
Plus in most places their is a CVS on every corner!
It would be GREAT marketing for Stardoll. SO PLEASE JUST DO IT :) So that I can pay for it myself and stop asking my parents!

What do you guys think? Where you live are there any of these stores?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LilFruityTooty writes..

Dear Misspairs,
Do you think it is a good idea to buy superstar whenever you run out?

Dear Lilfruitytooty,
In short yes I do. Mostly because their is not much to do when you are not a superstar. What I like to do is wait a couple days, and then refresh my superstar. I recommend trying to get the 6 month superstar, its not as expensive as the 1 year one. And if you are used to getting the one month one tell your parents that the 6 month one will be better because, you wont ask for 6 month and its cheaper then paying $6 a month.
Also before buying superstar, consider a few things.
1) Is it worth it?
2)Will I continue playing stardoll when my ss ruins out?Or while Im in the middle of my SS membership.

Hope that was helpful!

Audrey :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glam-Kid Writes...

Dear Misspairs,
How do you put in a picture for clubs? Like i know how to do it it's just after I save it it doesn't have a picture there. Can you help me

Dear Glam-Kid,
Sorry it took so long to reply back, I'v just been very busy lately. So.. if you want a picture for a club you first have to get the picture approved by stardoll. When choosing your image it brings you to a page like this..

Now pay attention to the right side where it says "Rules For Images". You have to follow those rules, and make sure each picture is the height and weight that it says and then click save changes. NOW.. I believe that your problem is that after you have done all those things, it still doesn't show up. As you can see from the picture above, I have a similar problem. I have a picture for everything.. but for some reason I can't see it. It might be because the picture is not right, or simply I can't see it..but other people can. It also might be a stardoll glitch. If it makes you feel any better.. i'll contact stardoll for you, and ask them myself why that is happening, and tell you personally what stardoll says.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

ChicKittyLover wrote...

I wanna ask a question for the Ask Audrey Blog! How did you and Eden meet? Where you best friends forever in real life? Why did you both decide to share such a splendid account?

Dear ChicKittyLover,
Thank you for your compliments, your to kind :D!
Well me and Eden's mom's where actually friends, before we even met. Eden lives in Canada and I live in Connecticut. I'm not entirely sure how our mom's know each other, but i guess thats a story for another day! Well we met each other a couple time when we where like babies.. but never ever really friends. Well one christmas party about 2 years ago, Eden was over at my house.. because we didn't really know each other we kind of stayed away. Anyway! Eden got bored and I told her she could go up to my room and go on my laptop. Well she did, and when I came upstair I found her on Stardoll. I remember she was a little embarrassed that she had been caught playing Stardoll, until of course I told her I had one as well! Anyway during the entire party we talked about stardoll, I showed her my account and she showed me my account.
Fast forward to about 5 months ago, we had been friends on stardoll and talk often on the phone, and on skype.. you know. Misspairs was my account, but it was just kind of a lame account... not that many rares or anything. I had perviously shared an account with another friend of mine who had really destroyed the account, she sold a lot of the rare that I did own, but she left with a good suite and a lot of starpoints.
Eden account was a fairly new account (compared to Misspairs), not a lot of starpoints, and a decent suite, but she had a lot of good rares, and a lot of connections!
In short, Eden who had perviously never given her password to me.. and I had never given her my password on stardoll. Gave me it, to do a makeover. I was quite shocked that she trusted me with that information so I asked her if she wanted to share accounts, and well the rest is history XD

Glam-Kid writes...

Um Hi!
I'm Following your blogs but i don't know how to put a picture in my profile! Can you help me?

Dear Glam-Kid,
Thank you for following both our blogs, we really appreciate it :D. If you want a picture for your profile just log on to Blogger and go to your dashboard, it looks something like this...

See Where it says Edit Photo! Just click that and blogger will direct you the rest of the way :D
Glad I could help!

Sister Blog:Simply Eden

Join Our Sister Blog Simply Eden For Style Advice, Make-up Tips, Seasons trends, Etc..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ask Audrey

This is a letter from Hennabanana12, she writes...

Hey Audrey :)

So I was reading through "Ask Audrey" and I decided to use your tutorial on making presentations for my newest club called "Vintage Doll Inc.". It worked great but I don't know how to get the whole background one colour, and then add on the scroll boxes? (Look on the club homepage and you'll see my problem). Is there any wa
y you could help me on this one?

Dear Hennabanana12,

Thanks you so much for writing to me, I'm glad you found that using my tutorial for presentations was relatively easy! To answer your question.. this is what you have to do! First you have to put this code in to the HTML real time editor

(Sorry the text is so small, blogger doesn't allow me to show the code)

This code will set your entire background, Where it says #eeeeee, that is where you put your own color code in, like the way I showed you on the presentation tutorial.
Next you put the scroll box's, use the website I gave you. Copy and Past the code for scroll box's after Background-color:#eeeeee;">
You can put as many scroll boxes as you want you just have to keep entering the code in the real-time HTML. Then go back and put the words you want in.

Remember to give credit by putting (c) at the very end of your presentation.

If you have any follow up questions or any questions regarding this, Contact me on Starmail!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Presentation tutorial, the hacker/scammer and safe traders/buyers list, and starpoints Tab are up now!

I hope you guys like them :)

Coming soon, Trade and Sale tutorial!

Audrey :D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ask Audrey

Want to ask me an Individual question, that will be featured on the blog! All you have to do is either send me a message via starmail, Or write me in my guestbook! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

What I have planned for this blog!

So I have some good ideas! Here are some

  • Ask Audrey (Individual Questions)
  • A Trade and Sale Tutorial
  • Money Money Money! (Tips on How to Mange/Gain your Money)
  • Presentations! (How To Make Presentations)
  • Starpoints
  • Hacker/Scammer List
  • Safe Trader and Buy List
  • Free Advertisements!
Anymore good ideas?

Ask Audrey

So as some of you may know.. on the 28th of June I was hacked. I had most of my rare's taken from me, everything I worked for was gone. Know you might be think, "oh how sad,It must have been horrible,"And it was horrible. But I will not let this 'hacking' ruin my fun.

After I was hacked I began to think about a lot of stuff. Isn't it Stardolls responsibility to warn its players about things like these? I even thought about when I was a newbi myself. I remember how hard it was, not knowing where anything was. When your new, your completely lost. And stardoll has no "Tutorial" to help newbies find their way around Stardoll. They just dump you on website and expect you to know what your doing, with out even telling you where to start.

I'v been a member of Stardoll for 4 years, I'm a 16 year old girl. For some reason, people have clung to me for answers, for help, and just plan talking about problems. I may not understand every problem, but i like to think I help. I'v always enjoyed giving advise to people, and help the best way I can. So I created this blog.

This blog is an "How to" for Stardoll. Being on stardoll for 4 years, I like to think i know my way around. But this blog is more then that. Its an Advise Column. If you need help with something Stardoll related or even life related. I'm your girl.

I might not reach the people I want to reach but, no harm in trying, right?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

3rd Task

Masquerade Ball! Is the 3rd task.

This task we want to look for creative outfits! We are also speeding up the contest because their has been so many delays! so this one is going to be due on Monday 27th.

Dont hesitate to ask me for some help, with the task! Good luck girls!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Task 2 Results and Elimination

This week we are eliminating one person.. that person is

All the judges agreed that your entry was not even close to vintage circus. Its said because you had such a good entry the first task, I think you where trying to do the graphic. And we did appreciate that you tried your best, but it really was not what we expected. Im sorry but you will not be moving on to the next round.

You had a good run, and you should be happy you made it so far.

Moving on with the 12 contestants!

1)Annamaria, We feel you have a strong sense of what is going in the contest, and you defiantly have a fashion sense of your own. I think you need to step it up next round if you want to make it to the end.

2) Dance4life56, Doing scenery that capture a fantasy storyline, is where you are strongest. BUT as the task get harder I feel you might have trouble adapting, its time you slowly get out of that comfort zone and find other things you are strong at.

3)Deybbi, Although your scenery's are artistic and simple, I have the feeling your not trying as hard as some of the other contestants. Maybe it is simply because your scenery's are too simple. Time to shake it up, and do something unsuspecting.

4)Glossyblacklady, I think you have the most fashion sense in this contest, you know what your wearing and you know how to wear it. Clothing is defiantly your strong suit. The only down side is your scenery's are empty. Try adding more detail to scenery.. make it your own.

5) Hennabanana12, You are unconfident. You need to be proud of your work, rather then be a soo afraid that its not good enough. Your doing a fine job! You really don't need me to back you up on everything you do.

6) Isabelatanto, You always leave me impressed you have a great sense of fashion. And you defiantly know how things work. Keep it up. You also had the highest votes, so you are safe this round.

7) Piper1009, I have to say you where almost eliminated, this task was just not your best. You had a really good one last round. I know you have a great fashion sense... but your just not showing it in these scenery's. Just please, do not ever do what you did this task! And you'll be fine!

8)Princessem3, YES! This entry is why I choice you to be in the 13. I knew you where capable of making a good entry! Next round i'd be careful of your medoll choice. But really keep it up!

9)Princesssss, You did the fashion part of your task perfectly. Next time i'd work more on the scenery and the detail part of the task.

10) Shameonlove, I was a little disappointed by this task, only because in the first task you really nailed it! I realize you where a little pressed on time, because of a personal problem. But I hope this doesn't effect you next task.

11) SynuaMina, No words can describe this task.. Honestly your task was the winner. You did everything PERFECT! Your first task was lacking compared to this task. Keep it up!

12) The2Glams, First task was perfect! I wish you had chosen to do a scenery this round, you would have done much better. Honestly you are one of my favorite contestants, and I hate to see you not do well. So next round, I hope to see a good entry!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Critiques Task 2

Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay with the critiques, we had a bit of a crisis because one of the guest judges canceled at the last moment.. then i tried to get another guest judge but they still haven't gotten back to me. Also me and Eden and our other Judge Ashlynn2570 are have exams this week so we've been very busy! Finnally though, I ended up getting a guest judge!

I want to thank GemmaWatts, who is our guest judge! Shes wonderfull! She did her entire critiques in like 30 min! Thank you so much!

People moving on will all so be announced later, as well as the 3rd task

So here are the critiques!

1. AnnaMaria931

Audrey and Eden: This was a little bit to simple for my taste, mostly because everybody else used such great detail.. Although it is very charming. The outfit on the other hand was actually my favorite. Your medoll could use a little help though.. I am not a huge fan of the hair.

GemmaWatts: I like it, it’s simple but effective. HOWEVER, I feel as if it’s a bit too simple and there’s not enough going on in the background. The tattoo is also a no-no for me. Other then that it’s great =).

Ashlynn2570: The tattoo pretty much screams trucker

2. Dance4life56

Audrey and Eden: Really nice job with the back ground! I love the detail you put in to this! And of course your outfit and medoll are perfect! The pose is a little awkward, but overall really nice scenery!

GemmaWatts: You look a bit broken in this one. Like Pinocchio as a broken puppet or something. But I see what your trying to do and it’s a good effort.

Ashlynn2570: Who do you think you are...? Harry Houdini? ITS A CIRCUS. Your not a god damn magician!


Ashley and Eden: Although the background is very interesting and artistic.. its not really what we where looking for. As for outfit, its really nice, although the gloves are a little to much fish nets. Your medoll is pretty but I'm not a huge fan of this hair, with this outfit.

GemmaWatts: I really like this one. Its just so bang in the face. Your outfit is circusy but I don’t see the 50’s pin up girl in this. But other than that I love it.
Ashlynn2570: You look like some low-class call girl...Not classy.

4. GlossyblackLady
Ashley and Eden: Lovely! This is EXACTLY what we were looking for! A pinch of classic pin up girl and Lady gaga all mixed together! The back ground is boring, and I'm not sure how it is relevant to vintage circus! Also this looks a lot like you last entry.. maybe you should mix it up a bit!

GemmaWatts: Im sorry I don’t like this. You look like a ice skater and hav nothing to do with the theme. It would be good for something else just not this task.

Ashlynn2570: This whole enchalada put me to sleep faster than advil. GOOD REMEDY

5. Hennabanana12

Audrey and Eden: Really nice job! I know how hard you tried with this! and I think all the extra work really paid off! this is a wonderful scenery! Although I wish you had taken out that japanese things to the side it looks wired there.

GemmaWatts: This is good I really like this. BUT I find the d├ęcor a bit confusing when it comes to relating it to a circus.

Ashlynn2570: That white shirt does not go with this at all. It looks like you wrapped a diaper around youself....

6. Isabelatanto

Audrey and Eden: One of my favorite's, the outfit, the detail, your medoll! Every things just perfect! I have to say i dont like your lips and I don't like that you flipped the body!

GemmaWatts: This looks amazing. You don’t have a different posture or anything BUT u pulled it off. Its great I love the colours and creativity put into this

Ashlynn2570: FISHNETS ARE FOR FISHING.... Do I have to write is across your forehead?

7. Piper1009

Audrey and Eden: Uhhhmmm.... I dont really know what to say about this.. your outfit is boring. The background is not well thought out, other then a bunch of people doing circus acts. I know you had some computer problems..but to be fair you were one of the last persons to hand it in, when you had all week to do it.. No excuses for this being so..not good!

GemmaWatts: I love the way you attempted to do a circus in the background. Really good effort. Your top reminds me of wonder woman though but u look nice.

Ashlynn2570: The tacky scenery is bad...but the trashy cheap outfit is just abominable. I'd like to see you TRY to do any kind of acrobatics in that skirt...its not going to happen. Low Budget.

8. Princessem3

Audrey and Eden: Nice job! one of my favorite outfits, and backgrounds! Really cute, fun circus outfit! i wish you hadn't had red hair, but other then that! Wonderful!

GemmaWatts: I don’t know..this has a wizards of waverly place background to it.not my thing

Ashlynn2570: Strawberry-shortcake wouldn't appreciate this

9. Princesssssss

Audrey and Eden: The backgrounds a little boring. I know I said that i liked this outfit, and i still do but compared to everyone else its a bit lacking..Decent entry.

GemmaWatts:This looks like a freaky circus from a scary film or something

Ashlynn2570: I honestly dont know what circus would have babies flying around...Im pretty sure that's a safety hazard. Judging by your outfit, you understood the task.

10. Shameonlove

Audrey and Eden: I was a little disappointed by this entry...seeing that last round you did such an amazing job! outfit..boring! background..boring! medoll...boring! see the pattern?

GemmaWatts: This looks like it was done on Paint

Ashlynn2570: You were clearly expressing how much of an air head you are with those balloons.

11. Synuamina

Audrey and Eden: Do I even need to tell you how AMAZING this is!? Personal Favorite! Perfect outfit, Perfect background, perfect medoll! Just Perfect! Keep it up!

GemmaWatts: JUST WOW. My personal Fave. So much to look at her but in a good way. Its so detailed and I can tell you put a lot of thought into this.

Ashlynn2570: I love the hate and feather but the rest makes you look like a latina belly dancer...which unfortunately was not the objective, the scenrey is nice. Good Job.

12. The2Glams

Audrey and Eden: The outfit its self is very cute! Its not exactly vintage circus, she looks more like a pin up girl/ flapper. The background could have been a bit better. I have to say I was a little disappointed that you didn't do a graphic, but overall its a good entry.

GemmaWatts: No. this has nothing to do with the theme. You’re leaning more towards the 50’s pin up girl and your top looks like an ostriche.

Ashlynn2570: You look like a frumpy peacock.

Audrey and Eden: ....Well, I appreciate that you tried to do a graphic...but it just doesn't work. Im not entirely sure how this is vintage circus. Your back ground is dull, your medoll doesn't work- everything just... doest work... Not a very good entry at all. Its sad because you have a really good entry last task.

GemmaWatts: No just no. sorry but this is pathetic. Epic fail.

Ashlynn2570: Let me just say there is not one person i know who would want to stand under your umbrella. this is the tackiest, most effortless mess I have ever seen.You should have forfitted before embarassing yourself.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Task Two Entries! VOTE

Here are all 13 entries for task # 2! Surprisingly their where many problems with this task, a lot of confusion of what people should wear, and what the expectations where but we ended up getting some pretty decent task. I have to say most of them where not as good as all the first task and some where even better then their first task. But I guess thats for you to judge.

This round only 1 person will be safe from elimination. NOTE: Next week we will still have the polls but the person with the most votes might not be safe...

The contestants may vote for themselves as many times as they want or anybody else they want to vote for! And they also may ask people to vote for them.

Good luck ladies!! I'll see you guys in 2 days with the critiques!

1. AnnaMaria931

2. Dance4life56


4. GlossyblackLady

5. Hennabanana12

6. Isabelatanto

7. Piper1009

8. Princessem3

9. Princesssssss

10. Shameonlove

11. Synuamina

12. The2Glams