Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do you want to be on top?

We, Audrey and Eden, are hosting our first ever "Stardoll's Next Top Medoll" competition. This contest w ill consist of 13 of the best, most glamorous medolls found here on Stardoll.


This competition is going to have 5 judges. 4 judges who will be judging you from beginning to end and 1 new guest judge each week.

Our judging system will be completely fair. We will not allow friends of us or any of the judges into this competition due to the possibility of bias decision making.

We will allow anybody who would like to judge to sign up and we will pick two other judges who we think fit the job. We want dedication from whom ever we choose.


We will hold an open audition in our club "Misspairs". The details to this will be posted on our blog which, in order to take part in this you will have to follow.

Contestants must be Superstars. This is rather unfair we know... but w e would like all of our contestants to have an equal chance so we are sorry to those who are not SS and would have liked to take part. There is always a next time.

Our judges will first sort through all of the girls who audition. We are looking for girls with their own sense of style that is unique. We will first pick 50 girls who go on to the first task and after that; we will cut that at number in half. Remember... this competition is not strictly about beauty... you must have some substance beneath that.


You didn’t think this was all for the title of "Stardoll Next top Medoll" did you? There will also be some amazing prizes for our winner. We will be giving 1500sd to the winner along with DKNY Scuba dress.


  1. Id like to say thanks for making this comp... :)

  2. woow cool comp ...i'm in
    stardoll name; pixiedevil

  3. This is so cool! I so entered:)

  4. I'm in


  5. I have entered i am bunny5738! I can broadcast for your comp if you like

  6. okk I'd like to enter to the competition :D

  7. Dear miss paris I got your message and I want to win this competition I am ready I want to join
    I am b.acuner in stardoll

  8. I would like to join, even gives? Really want to be chosen, kisses! ♥

  9. Wow. I'm in !
    Stardoll name : **chacha**

  10. Is so cool how i have to do for win???

  11. I would really like to win! Can you give me some tips?

  12. "sydney" is really rogerandsyd! Yep thats me! Rogerandsyd!