Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Wig Trend

Just thought I might create a post about the ever growing Wig Industry on Stardoll! Anyway I suppose we have all seen the new Jewelry design room, its very similar to the clothing one except its with Jewelry you can put on your medoll. Anyway! So the Newest trend is creating Wigs! Honestly i think thing new idea is here tostay! I'v been getting a little tired of the same old same old hairs they've had for a long time, the wigs allow us to create our own designs and our own wigs... however difficult that may be.The wigs I think are better then the fashion designs and even the interior designs because they are more excusable to all stardoll users. The Interior didn't r
eally have much use unless you were like crazy creative with your suite and the fashion designs really had only commercial use.. like telling the world that you loved twilight and lady gaga. But the new Wigs in the Jewelry designs are something everyone can relate to, the need of a better medoll and new hairs.
Anyway here are some of the familiar faces of Wig designers and my personal favorite wig desingers.

She is probably the first person that comes to mind when i think of wigs. I didn't excatly follow the wig crazy when it first started. But i can tell you with almost certainty.. it started with this girl right here. If you don't know her or have never seen her, then you have probably seen her designs without even realizing it. Go ahead check out her page, i promise you have seen her wigs.. unless you've been living in like a cave. (Personal fav. i own 3 wigs of hers myself!)

Another huge face in the Jewelry design. She more commonly does punk-is/Emo looks, hats, and bows. I personally don't own anything of hers but, they are still pretty cool wigs!

Another famous wig designer. He looks are also very common around stardoll, you have probably seen her things. They are very simple girly things that are commonly blond. I like her wigs, and I personally own just one.

I guess thats just stardoll wigs for you all!! Good Day!

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