Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get that look!

This post is to help our fellow readers and followers (once we get some) to be able to put together chic looks for less! Many of Stardoll's most wanted clothing items are very few and far between which makes them rather expensive to buy. But! Luckily... there are many stylosh yet affordable look-alikes to many of the rare items we see on Stardoll today. So here we can discuss some of the many options.

1. The LE Scuba is fairly comperable to the DKNY scuba, there are the same color concepts. Both dresses are pink and black and both have a frilly bottom. Though LE can be pricey... the price for the LE scuba isn't nearly as expensive as the DKNY one. If you are inlove with the looks of the DKNY scuba and not just the brand abd the rarity, you may just want to opt for the LE scuba for a fraction of the price.

2. We all know of the brand Elizabeth and James. We also know that the prices asked of this collection are somewhat outrageous. But! Luckily... there is a near-exact replica to the Emerson Blazer from this collection. The black Stardoll Blazer! And the best part? The blazer costs only 4sd! What a deal!

3. The Ashley bag is one of Stardoll's most wanted items. From the MKA RC collection. I have the honor of actually owning this purse but for tohse who do not, dont fret. The SJP purse is nearly the exact same design and fairly easy to find at a good price. It also has a lovely coral color :)

4. These Kullah black textured jeans are a perfect (not to mention far less money) than the black ruffled Elizabeth and James roll-up capris. They will look just as good as the capris with any ensemble and they look very much like the E and J pants.

5. The seccond season of LE is one of the most saugt after collections in Stardoll history. The harem jeans were in that collection and are extemely rare. And yes, there are similar jeans Available at Kullah. They have the same loose style as the Harem jeans and are only 24sd!

Hope this was a useful article! Have fun shopping :)

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