Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make up Tips!!!

Today were going to take M_themis's look and switch it up a bit. Were going to go for a more girly-er look, by making the eyes less darker and making the purple eye shadow lighter.

Step 1: The first step is to add the lip gloss to your lips, Simple enough! The lip gloss is from LUXE and cost 24sd.

Step 2: Then put on the Volumizing Mascara, which is used to make your eye lashes look thicker and darker closer to your eyes. Also put on the lengthening Mascara, which is used to have eyelashes look longer. You can get the Volumizing mascara at Dot for 3sd, and the lengthening mascara for 2sd. (The picture above is of the old Sephora collection)

Step 3: Add the slightest bit of eye liner. Try to make it a thin line that goes all around the eye, for the desired look that you want. Its not necessary to you the liquid liner, but I like to use it to cover the areas with less eye liner. The black eye liner can be found in Dot for 6sd, and the black liquid liner for 3sd.

Step 4: Lastly put on a touch of purple eye shadow. What i like to do to create a perfectly round look is to put the brush in the middle of the eye, and work my way out carefully! Sadly you can not purchase this color eye shadow anymore...but I'm sure any old color will do!

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