Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Critiques Task 2

Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay with the critiques, we had a bit of a crisis because one of the guest judges canceled at the last moment.. then i tried to get another guest judge but they still haven't gotten back to me. Also me and Eden and our other Judge Ashlynn2570 are have exams this week so we've been very busy! Finnally though, I ended up getting a guest judge!

I want to thank GemmaWatts, who is our guest judge! Shes wonderfull! She did her entire critiques in like 30 min! Thank you so much!

People moving on will all so be announced later, as well as the 3rd task

So here are the critiques!

1. AnnaMaria931

Audrey and Eden: This was a little bit to simple for my taste, mostly because everybody else used such great detail.. Although it is very charming. The outfit on the other hand was actually my favorite. Your medoll could use a little help though.. I am not a huge fan of the hair.

GemmaWatts: I like it, it’s simple but effective. HOWEVER, I feel as if it’s a bit too simple and there’s not enough going on in the background. The tattoo is also a no-no for me. Other then that it’s great =).

Ashlynn2570: The tattoo pretty much screams trucker

2. Dance4life56

Audrey and Eden: Really nice job with the back ground! I love the detail you put in to this! And of course your outfit and medoll are perfect! The pose is a little awkward, but overall really nice scenery!

GemmaWatts: You look a bit broken in this one. Like Pinocchio as a broken puppet or something. But I see what your trying to do and it’s a good effort.

Ashlynn2570: Who do you think you are...? Harry Houdini? ITS A CIRCUS. Your not a god damn magician!


Ashley and Eden: Although the background is very interesting and artistic.. its not really what we where looking for. As for outfit, its really nice, although the gloves are a little to much fish nets. Your medoll is pretty but I'm not a huge fan of this hair, with this outfit.

GemmaWatts: I really like this one. Its just so bang in the face. Your outfit is circusy but I don’t see the 50’s pin up girl in this. But other than that I love it.
Ashlynn2570: You look like some low-class call girl...Not classy.

4. GlossyblackLady
Ashley and Eden: Lovely! This is EXACTLY what we were looking for! A pinch of classic pin up girl and Lady gaga all mixed together! The back ground is boring, and I'm not sure how it is relevant to vintage circus! Also this looks a lot like you last entry.. maybe you should mix it up a bit!

GemmaWatts: Im sorry I don’t like this. You look like a ice skater and hav nothing to do with the theme. It would be good for something else just not this task.

Ashlynn2570: This whole enchalada put me to sleep faster than advil. GOOD REMEDY

5. Hennabanana12

Audrey and Eden: Really nice job! I know how hard you tried with this! and I think all the extra work really paid off! this is a wonderful scenery! Although I wish you had taken out that japanese things to the side it looks wired there.

GemmaWatts: This is good I really like this. BUT I find the d├ęcor a bit confusing when it comes to relating it to a circus.

Ashlynn2570: That white shirt does not go with this at all. It looks like you wrapped a diaper around youself....

6. Isabelatanto

Audrey and Eden: One of my favorite's, the outfit, the detail, your medoll! Every things just perfect! I have to say i dont like your lips and I don't like that you flipped the body!

GemmaWatts: This looks amazing. You don’t have a different posture or anything BUT u pulled it off. Its great I love the colours and creativity put into this

Ashlynn2570: FISHNETS ARE FOR FISHING.... Do I have to write is across your forehead?

7. Piper1009

Audrey and Eden: Uhhhmmm.... I dont really know what to say about this.. your outfit is boring. The background is not well thought out, other then a bunch of people doing circus acts. I know you had some computer problems..but to be fair you were one of the last persons to hand it in, when you had all week to do it.. No excuses for this being so..not good!

GemmaWatts: I love the way you attempted to do a circus in the background. Really good effort. Your top reminds me of wonder woman though but u look nice.

Ashlynn2570: The tacky scenery is bad...but the trashy cheap outfit is just abominable. I'd like to see you TRY to do any kind of acrobatics in that skirt...its not going to happen. Low Budget.

8. Princessem3

Audrey and Eden: Nice job! one of my favorite outfits, and backgrounds! Really cute, fun circus outfit! i wish you hadn't had red hair, but other then that! Wonderful!

GemmaWatts: I don’t know..this has a wizards of waverly place background to it.not my thing

Ashlynn2570: Strawberry-shortcake wouldn't appreciate this

9. Princesssssss

Audrey and Eden: The backgrounds a little boring. I know I said that i liked this outfit, and i still do but compared to everyone else its a bit lacking..Decent entry.

GemmaWatts:This looks like a freaky circus from a scary film or something

Ashlynn2570: I honestly dont know what circus would have babies flying around...Im pretty sure that's a safety hazard. Judging by your outfit, you understood the task.

10. Shameonlove

Audrey and Eden: I was a little disappointed by this entry...seeing that last round you did such an amazing job! outfit..boring! background..boring! medoll...boring! see the pattern?

GemmaWatts: This looks like it was done on Paint

Ashlynn2570: You were clearly expressing how much of an air head you are with those balloons.

11. Synuamina

Audrey and Eden: Do I even need to tell you how AMAZING this is!? Personal Favorite! Perfect outfit, Perfect background, perfect medoll! Just Perfect! Keep it up!

GemmaWatts: JUST WOW. My personal Fave. So much to look at her but in a good way. Its so detailed and I can tell you put a lot of thought into this.

Ashlynn2570: I love the hate and feather but the rest makes you look like a latina belly dancer...which unfortunately was not the objective, the scenrey is nice. Good Job.

12. The2Glams

Audrey and Eden: The outfit its self is very cute! Its not exactly vintage circus, she looks more like a pin up girl/ flapper. The background could have been a bit better. I have to say I was a little disappointed that you didn't do a graphic, but overall its a good entry.

GemmaWatts: No. this has nothing to do with the theme. You’re leaning more towards the 50’s pin up girl and your top looks like an ostriche.

Ashlynn2570: You look like a frumpy peacock.

Audrey and Eden: ....Well, I appreciate that you tried to do a graphic...but it just doesn't work. Im not entirely sure how this is vintage circus. Your back ground is dull, your medoll doesn't work- everything just... doest work... Not a very good entry at all. Its sad because you have a really good entry last task.

GemmaWatts: No just no. sorry but this is pathetic. Epic fail.

Ashlynn2570: Let me just say there is not one person i know who would want to stand under your umbrella. this is the tackiest, most effortless mess I have ever seen.You should have forfitted before embarassing yourself.


  1. I'm sorry to say butttttt...Ashlynn2570 is a BITCH, they wear fishnets all the time in the circus, dumbass! your critics are joke...

  2. Ashlynn2570 really shouldnt be a judge all see does is puts down the girls after they have put tons of work into this competition!

  3. @Bubbles I agree,

    most of her comments are hurtful not helpful