Saturday, June 18, 2011

Task 2 Results and Elimination

This week we are eliminating one person.. that person is

All the judges agreed that your entry was not even close to vintage circus. Its said because you had such a good entry the first task, I think you where trying to do the graphic. And we did appreciate that you tried your best, but it really was not what we expected. Im sorry but you will not be moving on to the next round.

You had a good run, and you should be happy you made it so far.

Moving on with the 12 contestants!

1)Annamaria, We feel you have a strong sense of what is going in the contest, and you defiantly have a fashion sense of your own. I think you need to step it up next round if you want to make it to the end.

2) Dance4life56, Doing scenery that capture a fantasy storyline, is where you are strongest. BUT as the task get harder I feel you might have trouble adapting, its time you slowly get out of that comfort zone and find other things you are strong at.

3)Deybbi, Although your scenery's are artistic and simple, I have the feeling your not trying as hard as some of the other contestants. Maybe it is simply because your scenery's are too simple. Time to shake it up, and do something unsuspecting.

4)Glossyblacklady, I think you have the most fashion sense in this contest, you know what your wearing and you know how to wear it. Clothing is defiantly your strong suit. The only down side is your scenery's are empty. Try adding more detail to scenery.. make it your own.

5) Hennabanana12, You are unconfident. You need to be proud of your work, rather then be a soo afraid that its not good enough. Your doing a fine job! You really don't need me to back you up on everything you do.

6) Isabelatanto, You always leave me impressed you have a great sense of fashion. And you defiantly know how things work. Keep it up. You also had the highest votes, so you are safe this round.

7) Piper1009, I have to say you where almost eliminated, this task was just not your best. You had a really good one last round. I know you have a great fashion sense... but your just not showing it in these scenery's. Just please, do not ever do what you did this task! And you'll be fine!

8)Princessem3, YES! This entry is why I choice you to be in the 13. I knew you where capable of making a good entry! Next round i'd be careful of your medoll choice. But really keep it up!

9)Princesssss, You did the fashion part of your task perfectly. Next time i'd work more on the scenery and the detail part of the task.

10) Shameonlove, I was a little disappointed by this task, only because in the first task you really nailed it! I realize you where a little pressed on time, because of a personal problem. But I hope this doesn't effect you next task.

11) SynuaMina, No words can describe this task.. Honestly your task was the winner. You did everything PERFECT! Your first task was lacking compared to this task. Keep it up!

12) The2Glams, First task was perfect! I wish you had chosen to do a scenery this round, you would have done much better. Honestly you are one of my favorite contestants, and I hate to see you not do well. So next round, I hope to see a good entry!

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