Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Task Two Entries! VOTE

Here are all 13 entries for task # 2! Surprisingly their where many problems with this task, a lot of confusion of what people should wear, and what the expectations where but we ended up getting some pretty decent task. I have to say most of them where not as good as all the first task and some where even better then their first task. But I guess thats for you to judge.

This round only 1 person will be safe from elimination. NOTE: Next week we will still have the polls but the person with the most votes might not be safe...

The contestants may vote for themselves as many times as they want or anybody else they want to vote for! And they also may ask people to vote for them.

Good luck ladies!! I'll see you guys in 2 days with the critiques!

1. AnnaMaria931

2. Dance4life56


4. GlossyblackLady

5. Hennabanana12

6. Isabelatanto

7. Piper1009

8. Princessem3

9. Princesssssss

10. Shameonlove

11. Synuamina

12. The2Glams



  1. Wow I really like them all ;D
    Good job everyone!

    But I'd have to go with the2glams hehe (:

  2. They are all amazing, but I vote for number 1!!!!!