Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stardolls Technical Problems!

Stardoll is having so MAJOR technical Problems, Not just now but recently their have been several problems. For staters, as some of you may know the Broadcast is down. I'm not sure if everyone is suffering from this.. if you are please tell me in the comments! But here, take a look at the broadcast page...

Its empty.. I'm not sure if you can still broadcast but nothing is showing up... also check out here where the broadcast show up on every page...

It's also completely empty. Not that I care about broadcasting, but Miss Stardoll World is coming up, and everybody's plan was to use broadcasting. And now the broadcasting is on the fritz, just 5 days away from when voting starts!

Another technical problem.. Maybe its just me who has it but for some reason I am unable to accept any new friends! Very odd. I contacted stardoll right away! I hope this is a quick fix!

Anymore Technical Problems you have seen on stardoll! Leave a comment telling me about it!

Audrey oxox

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