Friday, August 12, 2011

Stardoll Prepaid Card

Apparently there are more places then before to purchase Stardoll Superstar Cards anymore! You can now purchase them at Needs, Target, Safeway, ToysRus, Kmart, Stripes, Tom thumb, Vons, Best Buy, Hess, Ralphs, Cumberlands Farm and many more.

Although I appreciate more chances to get Superstar Cards, Its is still hard for some of us. Where I live the closes place to get a Superstar Card is in the neighboring town, about 5 miles away from my house. and WAY to far for me to travel.

In my opinion Stardoll should get them available at CVS, Walmart, Stop & Shop, and A&P Fresh. If they where I'd be getting them every week! Honestly having them at these stores are soo much better, where I live their are 3 CVS, 1 Stop&Shop, 1 Walmart, And 1 A&P Fresh.
Plus in most places their is a CVS on every corner!
It would be GREAT marketing for Stardoll. SO PLEASE JUST DO IT :) So that I can pay for it myself and stop asking my parents!

What do you guys think? Where you live are there any of these stores?

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