Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet your judges! This week Ashlynn2570, Misspairs and our guest judge the fabulous Blissss will be critiqing your entries from last week. We have given you our thoughts and advice on your ensembles and we really hope it help those girls who will continue on in this contest in hopes of winning the grand prize of 1500sd and of corse Stardoll's most wanted item the DKNY Scuba!

Take a look at our banner! It is the first clue as to what next week's theme will be. Can anybody guess? Well all we can say it it's going to be full vintage so start collecting some peices now.

We are have already selected the top 13 and we will announce them as soon as we place the critiques. sorry about the wait. We are running a bit late due to some judging complications and we will definately have the results up as soon as we can! Thank you girls for your patience and expect the top 13 to be listed either later today or tommorow.

Stay classy,

Audrey and Eden

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