Monday, May 30, 2011

Task 1 Results

So this was a very hard decision, We had to cut 30 people, to make the the list of 13 best entries. We started off with a list of 26 people and slowly and painstakingly cut the list to only 13 people.
Before I start, I want to thank all the contestants, we really could not have gotten this far without you. I'm sorry to be eliminating so many of you. Escpallial because I know many of you have tried your very best to even get this far.
Moving on with the contest I want to congratulate all the people who will be making it on to the next task! And here they no particular order:

1.Isabelataranto, I have to say i loved your entry it was springy and fun. It wasn't exactly evening wear. But you did get the most votes. So your in our top 13.

2.Deybbi, Your scenery was simple, pretty and wonderful. You also got the 2nd highest votes so you are also safe from elimantion.

3.The2Glams, You know what you did to deserve this.. Your grahpics are flawless. You also got the 3rd highest votes.

4. Anamaria931, Your edgy style is what got you so far, i was a little disappointed by your scenery but i know you can do better.

5.Shameonlove, I don't need to say anymore, you fully deserved to be in our top 13.

6.GlossyblackLady, You entry was stylish, simple and Stunning. Congratz.

7.Dance4life56, Personal favorite entry. Everything about it was wonderful!

8.Piper1009, Your entry, although it had a few flaws, was just what we were looking for. I expect better from you in the next task!

9.Hennabana12, Your outfit was honestly the most creative. I hope next task you will do something better!

10.Synamina, Your entry was just stunning, Great job.

11.xxbebox1, I love your outfit, and although it was criticized, I think you still deserve to go on to the next task

12. Prinsessss, Im not sure why I was attracted to your entry. Maybe it was the extreme detail you added in, or simply because i know how hard you are trying. But i know you deserve to be in the next round.

13.Princessem, I have to say I almost didn't choose you…But I think you have learned your lesson and you aren't going to make the same mistake you did last time..At least i hope not! I think you deserve a 2nd chance.

Good luck to all of you!

2nd Task will be posted Tomorrow! Anybody wanna take a guess on what it might be?!


  1. Ooo i didnt make it :( i was hoping for a second chance but thanks anyway :) good luck to the rest of the girlllss xx

  2. HA! Good guess AJ, we were actually thinking of doing a swim wear! Maybe next task...