Saturday, May 28, 2011

Task 1 Judging

1. 0ReBeCkl

Audrey and Eden:

I understand that your punkish or whatever it is called now a days, but this isn’t the glamorous evening wear. The dress is good, but all the punkishness is too much with the outfit.

Ashlynn: Who called the fire truck!?

Blissss: I am guessing this is a simple picture of a Medoll in Evening wear. This look is very drab. The makeup is too harsh for the dress and the tattoos are kind of wicked. I know this doll is supposed to be dark but it reminds me of a Harley girl in an evening gown. The dress choice is pretty but I don't like how it was fashioned. Hmmm, I hope that wasn't too harsh.

2. Alw1234

Audrey and Eden: I appreciate that you tried to do a graphic but it just look very messy. The outfit on the other hand is very pretty, but the hair is all wrong.

Ashlynn: 2. The girl looks slightly gimped.

Blissss: This medoll would probably look better at a higher resolution. Her dress is elegant. The pose is fantastic. I take it this is a scenery. I still think more could have been added to this dress though. It’s a little on the plain side.

3. Anna_Cullen2929

Audrey and Eden: This wasn’t what I was expecting when I said the task was eveningwear. I was expecting more of gown dress. Although I do really like this outfit..its defiantly not what I wanted.

Ashlynn: 3. wedding an funeral all packed in one!

Blissss: This dress is really pretty but the white hat doesn’t exactly match. The hat, while being gorgeous is elegant but for some reason it just looks out of place. Maybe it’s the color. The scenery is beautiful but I think a little more time could have been spent here. And there could have been a classier shoe to pair with that skirt, cardigan, sweater combo like for instance dressy loafers or a Mary Jane heel.

4. Annamaria931

Audrey and Eden: The reason I choose you, was mainly because I loved your Punkyness, and your makeup. So this just proves that I was right to choose you. The dress isn’t exactly gown material but its still stylish. This is how you do punkish right.

Ashlynn: Who is your inspiration?Kat Von D? Its okay but I am not stunned.

Blissss: Is this supposed to be a scenery? If so it’s a bit plain. It’s just a Medoll with a blue scenery background. Although simple, when simple you should make sure your Medoll stands out a bit more. The fashion style is what is trendy today and a bit on the cutting edge. Though I wish I could see this one a little closer up. I can’t really say I like the way it’s accessorized. The white bag is a bit out of place and again I could have picked a better shoe.

5. Annenongril

Audrey and Eden: I really like your medoll, and I think your outfit was very creative. But the thing is, this is a fashion contest… pretty much it’s more important for me to see what your wearing more than anything else..and your not really showing it.

Ashlynn: You look like a frumpy, shapless mess.

Blisss: The scenery is cute, at least here she added a tree/bush. Though I love the dress it could have been enhanced a bit more. The medoll in combination of the dress is pretty plain.

6. Blondebabi2001

Audrey and Eden: Once again im not seeing the dress..which is the most impartant. I also get the feeling you didn’t really try that hard to do this. Im not really a big fan of the ‘cartoon’ scenery thing, so that you can make a pose. It just doesn’t look very good.

Ashlynn: Did your arms get crushed by a table or what...

Blisss: Her artistic standpoint is amazing! Overall this scenery looks Chic! Although wearing a trendy piece, her medoll just looks bland, but good try.

7. Cathy2889

Audrey and Eden: This is how you do punkish right…I love this dress. But im going to have to say your make up is a bit much. But other than that its really good.

Ashlynn: I really like this. You have that gothic look down-pat.

Blisss: This medoll is a little too scary for words. I don’t like the gown nor the eyeliner. She almost looks like Chucky from Child’s play? Hmmm I don’t consider this high fashion but more so a Halloween costume.

8. Chrisy88

Audrey and Eden: Im not entirely sure why u put me in this scenery instead of yourself. This contest is to show YOUR fashion sense.. not mine. Also u can’t really see any of the dress, and the pose is kinda messed up.

Ashlynn: It looks like somebody hacked off your limbs with a machetti.

Blisss: This medoll is great. The fashioning of the bow works well! The pose is awesome and the gown is elegant. The background is just wood but it works. :)

9. CiaraaJohnson

Audrey and Eden I m a HUGE fan of this dress.. I also love your makeup. But I think you added no many accessories. You have to chose between the necklace or the gloves. But not both.

Ashlynn: The lack of crativity in the background is one thing but the tacky jewlry... thats a whole other story.

Blisss: This medoll works. She’s going for scary glam but the gown is very elegant and the makeup is just right. She looks scary glamorous but beautiful at the same time. Not sure about the black gloves but she probably didn’t have any purple one's.

10. CuteCoolCrazy21

Audrey and Eden: I do like this dress…not a lot but for some reason it works on you. Your make up is good, but on your checks it’s a odd color and I don’t like the flower or the crown thing on your head.

Ashlynn: The different views of the outfit was a good idea but it truly looks like you took an egg to the head.

Blissss: She really stands out. Her gown is a perfect shade of purple but overall it works.

11. Dance4life56

Audrey and Eden: This is one of my personally favorites! I love that you put the dresses together to make a new dress. Your medoll is stunning, and your poses are very clean cut, just perfect. Wonderful job!

Ashlynn: This dress is big, bold and beautiful! Well done.

Blisss: Love the dress and love the hair. She could have added more of a nude lip color on her lips b/c it looks really plain in that area but overall it’s wonderful!

12. dcoolest57

Audrey and Eden: Once again I can’t see your dress. And I am not entirely sure why half of it is covered up with white. Although your medoll is very pretty!

Ashlynn: I don't know what you were trying to portray with the crappy orgami dress.

Blissss: Beautiful Medoll and makeup! Lovely Pose. The scenery looks a bit awkward but her medoll is beautiful and fashionable.

13. Deybbi

Audrey and Eden: I really love this scenery. Its simple and pretty.. its just really nice. Your medoll is stunning, the dress although its very pretty its not exactly ‘gown’ material. But other then that its wonderful!

Ashlynn: This is bananas B.A.N.A.N.A.S

Blissss: Very Mod, LOVE IT! I love how she applied her makeup. The yellow dress which is really simple stands out and compliments the heavy, but nicely applied, black shadow. The scenery compliments nicely as well.

14. Dubistdie

Audrey and Eden: I don’t really know what to say to this…I just don’t understand it. You’re a floating body, you don’t have legs. And I can’t even see the dress. Also why is their a sun in the corner and the sky is blue..but its snowing?? You medoll is very pretty but I don’t like the crown.

Ashlynn: Where the HELL are your legs!?

Blisss: GORGEOUS and awesome Idea! She looks like a princess in the SKY, AMAZING :D and great idea!


Audrey and Eden: I love medoll, and I loved that you showed the medoll and the dress up close. The dress is not very pretty…the color is all right but all the designs are no good. Next time type the words on to your picture instead of writing it because it looks very messy.

Ashlynn: Sloppy, sloppy SLOPPY.

Blisss: Her makeup is gorgeous but I can’t say I love her dress choice. The scenery idea looks a bit sloppy but with a better dress and a more creative background, that face could have went places!

16. GemmaWatts

Audrey and Eden: I love your dress and the medoll. But im not sure why you have all those other people with dresses on it and then your on the side. When this contest is suppose to be about you.

Ashlynn: .... There is way too much to look at here.

Blisss: Dress choice is amazing, earrings and headband are gorgeous, but her face looks really dull. As in the makeup application. It is just kind of there. The scenery looks a bit sloppy like she just added graphics with fashion models, when she’s not even posing herself. I think if she posed, it would come across as way more cutting edge, expressing you really want to win this! But I know that poses are really hard to do in a scenery. :)

17. Glossyblacklady

Audrey and Eden: One of my personal favorites. My favorite part is your makeup! Its just stunning! I love the dress with the gloves..but im not a huge fan of the bow thing. But just wonderful!

Ashlynn: Classy, elegant...bow hat. Why'd you have to use the bow hat?! I dont even see where that fits in...

Blisss: Gorgeous! Love everything! The hair, dress, makeup, background, accessories! I think she could have added more things to the scenery like smoke and stars? But overall great job!

18. Grandpagirl

Audrey and Eden: It’s a cute outfit..but its not what I was looking for. Your medoll is pretty..but your outfit is very boring..

Ashlynn: Head-to-toe tacky.

Blisss: I think her medoll looks really plain and dull. I am so sorry to say. And I don’t think that looks like evening wear. Maybe she got confused.

19. Hennabanana12

Audrey and Eden: I like the creativity of this dress. Its defiantly the most well thought out dress we have. Your medoll is stunning. The only thing I have to say is I don’t like the diamonds as the belt. I regular belt would have done just fine!

Ashlynn: Sweety, put down the bedazzeler. Thats all I can say here.

Blisss: Gorgeous! I love the dress! It’s pretty, white, flowy. She looks like a pretty graceful bird! And that’s a compliment.

20. Hidz7896

Audrey and Eden: I love this dress and your medoll is good. Im not entirely sure why you have random animals in this picture. But It’s an decent entry.

Ashlynn: Its a horse...its a cat... its a BUNNY oh wait... its just Hidz7896 in a trashy dress.

Blisss: Although I love the gown, something is throwing off this picture majorly. I don’t know if it’s the background scenery, but it totally lost it’s glamour effect.

21. Isabelataranto

Audrey and Eden: Another one of my favorite entries. I love the poses and your medoll is stunning.. I love the little backgrounds you did.. I think its very cute. The dress isn’t exactly what I was expecting. And although the backgrounds are cute it’s not really evening wear its sorta more day time outfit. But I think you have potential.

Ashlynn: Look who just crawled out of the county fair.

Bliss: Very cute, a little on the plain side but overall I love the vibrant colors and her medoll shows emotion so for that reason I’m impressed.

22. JB_Flmw

Audrey and Eden: I don’t like this dress very much.. the black thing on your shoulder is like some kind black seaweed growing on your dress. I don’t like the bow in your hair. But your medoll is pretty.

Ashlynn: This is Jersey Shore gone wrong.

Blisss: I do not like this medoll at all. Her eyebrows are too harsh, and her dress is too glittery. Also the hair piece Is very distracting. I don’t know what to focus on here and I don’t consider this evening wear but more Club wear. I just don’t get the elegant feeling as I do from the other dolls. Sorry, love.

23. Lauriien95

Audrey and Eden: I have to say the outfit I am wearing in this scenery is better then yours…. But yours is still very pretty. Your medoll is fairly decent, but im not sure why you made it superhero theme.

Ashlynn: No superhero could save me from this nightmare.

Blisss: The comic book scenery is really creative but the fashion choice is pretty average and the shoes don’t match, they are too casual for that dress. The bow in the hair and the belt are too many accessories to focus on. Keep it simpler and pick a hair dye that brings out your skin tone. As you can tell in the picture, your hair blends in with the dress, causing you to not stand out.

24. LauruteMazute

Audrey and Eden: Your medoll is very pretty and so is the outfit. Its not exactly what I was expecting for evening wear. But it is decent.

Ashlynn: Classy with a hint of Jersey?

Blisss: Gorgeous Scenery, Medoll, Makeup and hair! I would have left out the pearls or added more pearls somewhere else but gorgeous and lovely scenery!

25. Lovesophiarae

Audrey and Eden: This outfit is really cute. Its really evening wear thought…which seems to be happening quite often… I have a few problems with it, the background is boring and I don’t like the color of your hair. But still the outfit is really cute…I think you have some potential.

Ashlynn: The only thing those fishnets should be used for is catching fish. Its pretty self-explanatory.

Blisss: Cute outfit! But this is more casual than evening wear. Or perfect for a party or nightclub! Love the orange hair with the pink flower. I love using those colors together and great makeup!

26. Miley.23

Audrey and Eden I feel as if you tried really hard on this. So I’m giving you an ‘A’ for effort. But sadly effort doesn’t really count for anything…your outfit is stylish and it is evening wear. Although I do really like the outfit…its sadly sorta boring.. because most of it is just the fur coat. I think you can do better thought.

Ashlynn: Please don't slaughter me!

Blisss: Great medoll. Very Elegant. I am not wow’ed by this one but it’s still pretty decent.

27. Mousey888

Audrey and Eden: The outfit is very stylish, maybe its just me but I think maybe it looks more funeral couture , rather then evening wear. I’ll give you props because the outfit is very stylish and your medoll is stunning…but its not exactly what we where looking for!

Ashlynn: Who died?

Blissss : I’m not feeling this look at all. Is this evening wear or did somebody just die? And the makeup says go away!

28. Nonniiejj

Audrey and Eden :I don’t really know what to say to this… its just messy and its very random.. For starters I cant even see the dress…your medoll is pretty…your pose is unoriginal. Not a very good entry at all…

Ashlynn: I would cover up that shapsless night gown with wood too honey.

Blissss: OMG beautiful! WOAH! LOVE IT :D But I will say I can’t tell if she’s wearing a night gown or negligee or a evening gown! I’m a bit partial to whether she’s wearing a gown. But regardless, everything here looks amazing!!!

29. Piper1009

Audrey and Eden: This dress ,normally.. is not a very flattering.. but for some reason its stunning on you. Your medoll is gorgeous. This color dress is just so right on you. Nice job!

Ashlynn: The DEFINITION of a fabulos evening gown!

Blissss: This look is very elegant. Her eyeshadow is the prettiest, but maybe a pair of gold earrings or a bracelet to lift the look up a bit. And don’t forget your clutch!

30. Princessem

Audrey and Eden: Your medoll and your outfit is perfect! You had no reason to put glowy things all around. The glowy sticks are covering up you lovely dress. I think you just tried to hard to be different but sometimes its okay it just be simple…

Ashlynn: We would call the fashion police... but considering your already behind bars you have clearly beat us to it.

Blissss: I love it! It’s amazing! Scenery goes perfect with the beautiful gown she’s wearing!

31. Prinsesssss

Audrey and Eden: I really love the detail you put in to this! Its just perfect. And it is totally evening wear! Your dress is beautiful and so is your medoll! Although I wish you had glamorous hair!

Ashlynn: This is clearly evening wear but I would have to drink every last drop of that wine to appriciate this.

Blissss: Prinsesssss Beautiful gown choice. The scenery is a bit plain but not bad overall.

32. Shameonlove

Audrey and Eden: YES! Just yes! Honestly my favorite entry! Its just STUNNING!!! I cant stress it enough! You did a wonderful job! The only thing I have to say is next time I want to see more of the dress and do a different hair next time!

Ashlynn: I wish you didn’t use that hair but hunney, you know what you're doing. A personal favorite.

Blissss: I love the dress, background and pose but I don’t love the hair or eye makeup. It’s too harsh but other than that! Great job!

33. Sourapple3000

Audrey and Eden: Ugh… I totally understand what you where trying to do. Making a dress out of items other then dresses, but this is just a failure.. It doesn’t look anything like a dress… and althought your pose is very good..your legs are in a very funky possession. This is just not very good….

Ashlynn: Look! Its a dress and a sleeping bag in one! Brilliant!

Blissss: OMG beautiful! A very different approach to evening wear.

34. Synuamina

Audrey and Eden: This is VERY pretty.. your medoll is just wonderful! And this outfit is stunning on you. The only think I have to say is that the back ground with all the lights is a little much and I don’t like the necklace your wearing but other then that its wonderful!

Ashlynn: The necklace is a bit too much but you still managed to look amazing!

Blissss: I absolutely love the pose, the hair. Pretty medoll and pretty background effects but this could have been more. It’s still a bit dull to look at. She almost looks like she’s hiding instead of ready to impress.

35. Tanyaaa_

Audrey and Eden: I understand that you had some scenery problems..but even with out the messed up clothes this is just horrible..the outfit isn’t even evening wear! Enough said…

Ashlynn: Before you join a fashion contest maybe you should learn how to dress yourself first. Jesus. Put ba shirt on. And the boots, They look like you stepped in doggie doodoo.

Blissss: The stars are really cute but that’s not evening wear and the scenery didn’t save properly. L Sorry dear. That has happened to me before.

36. The2Glams

Audrey and Eden: No words can describe how much I love this! Just keep doing what your doing! The only thing I have to say against this is I don’t like all the stuff in your hair and the yellow hair is a bit much!

Ashlynn: Too many colors but I love the yellow hair with the tan and the make-up! You did such a good job and there is was clearly alot of time and effort put into this. Well done.

Blissss: This looks reminds me of Mary Poppins meets vintage Grace Kelly. It’s really creative. The bag doesn’t match very well or would have matched better with red shoes, instead of pink. But I see why she chose the pink shoes, they are really cute and match the dress, style wise. Her hair is just adorable, the flowers are the final touch! And although I wouldn’t have gone so harsh on the orange blush it works, looking very artistic and beautiful at the same time. :D

37. x-dani-harmer-x

Audrey and Eden: I have to say I expected a lot better from you.. there is just to much pink and there is no jewelry or anything…its just very boring..

Ashlynn: Honey... it looks like a flmaing puked on you.

Blissss: Gorgeous. I love pink and here she looks like a vintage princess. I think her background could have had more things in them but the colors work perfect with the look :D I would have added a bow somewhere.

38. xxbebox1

Audrey and Eden: Your medoll and this dress is just soo stunning…all I have to say is that your back ground is boring. Nice job.

Ashlynn: Boots, gloves, feathers, jewels! If you pack one more thing into that miserable burrito of yours its going to explode.

Blissss: Love the dress, hair and hat, medoll. Very creative, but she still doesn’t stand out. She’s just kind of there. I don’t get the wow effect

39. Zacefronluva777

Audrey and Eden: This isn’t even evening wear. Your medoll is pretty but this is just not what we want at all…

Ashlynn: This is embarassing. Camping coture...? Not even.

Blissss: This is not an evening look.

40. Kvhekh

Audrey and Eden: So you just recently told me that this was not your outfit because you were hacked and the hacker changed it. I have to say though that you told me you had the outfit in my album really at the last second… its not my fault that you didn’t check to see if it was the right thing. So all I have to say is this is just no good, your medoll is pretty and that’s about it.

Ashlynn: - Just slap on some flowers and some sparkles and lets call it fashion! Honey no.

Blissss: Gorgeous, happy, I love it! This looks managed to inspire me in more ways than one and really lift my day. She’s fashionably cute. I would have gone with different shoes but it works :D

41. Sabrina_BrianSD

Audrey and Eden: I have to say that this is just odd. You red face, your toast earing and your note are a few of the things that just bad about this entry. The dress is a little bit prom-y rather then evening wear. Overall its just not a good entry.. and it stinks because I know you tried very hard.

Ashlynn: The only thing appealing about the ensemble is the toast on your ears.

Blissss: This is gorgeous! I would have went for a more elegant gown but the looks still works. Great makeup! The scenery is kind of awkward because her head got cut off but still looks great! Awesome makeup!

42. Bubbles1022

Audrey and Eden: This out fit is very similar to Grandpagirls. It’s a cute outfit..but its not evening wear.

Ashlynn: Black and grey, black with polka-dots, black with sparkles, black with leaves. Can you see the trend...? BORING

Blisss: I don’t consider this look evening at all. It’s a really dressed down evening look but I still don’t consider this evening at all.


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