Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ask Audrey

This is a letter from Hennabanana12, she writes...

Hey Audrey :)

So I was reading through "Ask Audrey" and I decided to use your tutorial on making presentations for my newest club called "Vintage Doll Inc.". It worked great but I don't know how to get the whole background one colour, and then add on the scroll boxes? (Look on the club homepage and you'll see my problem). Is there any wa
y you could help me on this one?

Dear Hennabanana12,

Thanks you so much for writing to me, I'm glad you found that using my tutorial for presentations was relatively easy! To answer your question.. this is what you have to do! First you have to put this code in to the HTML real time editor

(Sorry the text is so small, blogger doesn't allow me to show the code)

This code will set your entire background, Where it says #eeeeee, that is where you put your own color code in, like the way I showed you on the presentation tutorial.
Next you put the scroll box's, use the website I gave you. Copy and Past the code for scroll box's after Background-color:#eeeeee;">
You can put as many scroll boxes as you want you just have to keep entering the code in the real-time HTML. Then go back and put the words you want in.

Remember to give credit by putting (c) at the very end of your presentation.

If you have any follow up questions or any questions regarding this, Contact me on Starmail!


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