Thursday, July 7, 2011

ChicKittyLover wrote...

I wanna ask a question for the Ask Audrey Blog! How did you and Eden meet? Where you best friends forever in real life? Why did you both decide to share such a splendid account?

Dear ChicKittyLover,
Thank you for your compliments, your to kind :D!
Well me and Eden's mom's where actually friends, before we even met. Eden lives in Canada and I live in Connecticut. I'm not entirely sure how our mom's know each other, but i guess thats a story for another day! Well we met each other a couple time when we where like babies.. but never ever really friends. Well one christmas party about 2 years ago, Eden was over at my house.. because we didn't really know each other we kind of stayed away. Anyway! Eden got bored and I told her she could go up to my room and go on my laptop. Well she did, and when I came upstair I found her on Stardoll. I remember she was a little embarrassed that she had been caught playing Stardoll, until of course I told her I had one as well! Anyway during the entire party we talked about stardoll, I showed her my account and she showed me my account.
Fast forward to about 5 months ago, we had been friends on stardoll and talk often on the phone, and on skype.. you know. Misspairs was my account, but it was just kind of a lame account... not that many rares or anything. I had perviously shared an account with another friend of mine who had really destroyed the account, she sold a lot of the rare that I did own, but she left with a good suite and a lot of starpoints.
Eden account was a fairly new account (compared to Misspairs), not a lot of starpoints, and a decent suite, but she had a lot of good rares, and a lot of connections!
In short, Eden who had perviously never given her password to me.. and I had never given her my password on stardoll. Gave me it, to do a makeover. I was quite shocked that she trusted me with that information so I asked her if she wanted to share accounts, and well the rest is history XD

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