Friday, July 1, 2011

Ask Audrey

So as some of you may know.. on the 28th of June I was hacked. I had most of my rare's taken from me, everything I worked for was gone. Know you might be think, "oh how sad,It must have been horrible,"And it was horrible. But I will not let this 'hacking' ruin my fun.

After I was hacked I began to think about a lot of stuff. Isn't it Stardolls responsibility to warn its players about things like these? I even thought about when I was a newbi myself. I remember how hard it was, not knowing where anything was. When your new, your completely lost. And stardoll has no "Tutorial" to help newbies find their way around Stardoll. They just dump you on website and expect you to know what your doing, with out even telling you where to start.

I'v been a member of Stardoll for 4 years, I'm a 16 year old girl. For some reason, people have clung to me for answers, for help, and just plan talking about problems. I may not understand every problem, but i like to think I help. I'v always enjoyed giving advise to people, and help the best way I can. So I created this blog.

This blog is an "How to" for Stardoll. Being on stardoll for 4 years, I like to think i know my way around. But this blog is more then that. Its an Advise Column. If you need help with something Stardoll related or even life related. I'm your girl.

I might not reach the people I want to reach but, no harm in trying, right?

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