Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glam-Kid Writes...

Dear Misspairs,
How do you put in a picture for clubs? Like i know how to do it it's just after I save it it doesn't have a picture there. Can you help me

Dear Glam-Kid,
Sorry it took so long to reply back, I'v just been very busy lately. So.. if you want a picture for a club you first have to get the picture approved by stardoll. When choosing your image it brings you to a page like this..

Now pay attention to the right side where it says "Rules For Images". You have to follow those rules, and make sure each picture is the height and weight that it says and then click save changes. NOW.. I believe that your problem is that after you have done all those things, it still doesn't show up. As you can see from the picture above, I have a similar problem. I have a picture for everything.. but for some reason I can't see it. It might be because the picture is not right, or simply I can't see it..but other people can. It also might be a stardoll glitch. If it makes you feel any better.. i'll contact stardoll for you, and ask them myself why that is happening, and tell you personally what stardoll says.

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